A great body of knowledge of occult laws and forces - gradually brought together by the    
investigation and research of great sages of the past - has been carefully preserved and
handed down from masters to pupils from the earliest ages. It is the
Secret Doctrine which
was taught to the initiates of the priesthood in the temples of the past, which formed the
Lesser and Greater Mysteries of Egypt, Chaldea, Greece, etc. This arcane science was the
original fount from which have sprung all the various exoteric religions of the ages and in
which the Founders of those religions were well versed. This
Secret Doctrine has been
handed down since time immemorial in the instituted Temples of the Mysteries. The
August Order of the Mystic Rose is the modern link in this ancient chain of mystic studies.

These arcane mysteries are transmitted to accepted candidates of
August Order of the
Mystic Rose
through the Sacred Rites of Temple Initiation, a ceremonial tradition of which
has existed since the dawn of time. In the Ancient Mysteries the knowledge of the
Lord of
the Universe
, the knowledge of Man and his relation thereto, as well as the sub- and super-
human beings, the unseen laws operating in both the Macrocosm and the Microcosm were
made practical by the detailed knowledge of how to develop the latent powers in man and
how to control, dominate and operate non-human beings and forces. The Initiate of the
Mysteries was therefore not only a sage but a powerful magician who could at will bring to
pass seeming miracles. By reason of their wisdom and power they became great spiritual
beings transcending the human stage of evolution, and achieving that alchemical
transmutation of the base metal of the lower and material nature into the pure gold of the
spiritual, and fixing this by the influx of the divine spirit itself, becoming
Christoi -
possessors of the
Stone of the Wise, the Elixir of Life, the Summum Bonum.

Today the Stewards of the Ancient Mysteries have opened once again the Portal of
Initiation. Application to the
August Order of the Mystic Rose may be made by writing to
the Order:

August Order of the Mystic Rose
P.O. Box 71
Mountain View, California 94043